Protest the Relocation of a Sexual Offender

Recent ruling to relocate the gentleman convicted for two courts of sexual harassment in St. Patrick's. My concern is that he would be placed among unsuspecting individuals who may not be aware of his crimes and are more suspend-able to become another one of his victims. The people of St. Patrick's all know him and can better guard themselves & children against him.

Attacking the problem at the root as opposed to treating the symptoms

It's largely about EDUCATION. If we educate the vulnerable, let's say girls for a start, about building their self esteem, recognizing their self worth, making good choices for themselves, and making decisions about actions they will take when confronted by a predator, or coerced into something they do not wish to be involved in, this could probably work as an antidote in many cases. That kind of pro-activity is not a cure-all or crime stopper, but can go a long way to stem/prevent that sort of sexual criminal behavior. The behaviors listed on this site ARE crimes.

From Childhood

Teach children at school from the age of 3 right through to the end of secondary schooling not to hurt one another physically or emotionally. If they are taught from young it will have an impact on their entire lives. There are other countries doing this and it has been very helpful.

Attacking the problem at the root instead of treating the symptoms

I agree with your sentiments Nordica Francis. Patricia Deacon seems to be sharing a similar view. However, I want to strengthen her views by saying that education must start at birth rather then 3 years. Thank you for the suggestions. As we move forward, your voices will become important in creating a safer environment for our children and families