Q. Who are we?
A. We are a group of Grenadians living abroad and in Grenada who together with the Royal
Grenada Police Force (RGPF) and other organizations are championing positive changes
regarding Sex Offences in Grenada.

Q. What is the purpose of Sex Offences Grenada (SOG)?
A. To educate and sensitize the public about issues of sexual offences in Grenada.

Q. What role does the RGPF plays in SOG?
A. They RGPF provides us with data regarding sex offences in Grenada as well as upholding the

Q. What happens when I make a suggestion?
A. Every suggestion is reviewed and considered by our team for possible implementation or action.

Q. What is the importance of having the “Registry Vote” on SOG?
A. The Registry Vote is a data collecting feature which would provide evidence of the public
opinion about passing of legislation to enact an official Sex Registry in Grenada.

Q. If I submit a tip regarding a factual or suspected sexual offence, what is the protocol?
A. All reports are confidential. The report will go directly to the RGPF via email.

Q. What support can a victim or perpetrator expect from SOG?
A. Our team can offer counseling, emotional support, legal advice and phycho education to anyone who is a survivor or perpetrator of sexual abuse.

Q. How can I be part of SOG?
A. You can be part of SOG by contacting us via our website “contact” feature.

Q. Can an organization be part of SOG?
A. Yes, any organization can be part of SOG.